Miriam and her granddad are making a cabaret together.

They’re the perfect double act: he’s got the stories, she loves telling them, and they both have a flair for the theatrical.

The only problem is they’ve never met.

(He’s been dead for 37 years.)

See the show in 2019:

30 Jan South Street Arts, Reading INFO & TICKETS


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About the Show

Jan ‘Laco’ Kalina was a dramaturg, satirist, collector of jokes and writer of cabarets, born in Czechoslovakia in 1913. A Slovak Jew, he survived the fascists only to be imprisoned by the communists, who believed him a threat to the regime.

Digging through artefacts and stories from Laco’s remarkable life, Miriam pursues her granddad’s voice through his own jokes, skits and songs, conjuring up an archival cabaret that reverberates with laughter from a very different place and time.

With original music and a live band of Slovaks, Rendezvous in Bratislava traces family connections across national, historical and political borders, and celebrates the power of laughter in troubled times.


Artistic Team

Created by: Miriam Sherwood

Composers and Music Directors: Thom Andrewes & Will Gardner

Musicians: Martin Jeriga, Maria Rehakova, Frantisek Holčík

Dramaturg: Catherine Carter

Associate Director: Zoë Tweed

Choreographer: Anna Tringham

Translation: Julia Sherwood

Additional Sound Mix: Benedict de Vries


Developed at Battersea Arts Centre and JW3, and supported by Arts Council England, the Golsoncott Foundation, Unity Theatre Trust, and the Royal Victoria Hall Foundation.

Thank you to our brilliant crowdfunder supporters: Claire Brocklehurst, Fiona Callow, Jack Dean, Jessica Gibbs, Shirley Halse, Alena Heitlinger, Malgorzata Hueckel, Eleonora Magomedova, Gaby Molloy, Emerson Povey, Andrea Pukova, David Sidor, Kieran Williams and those who wish to remain anonymous.

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Here’s a few extracts from the show’s original score, by Thom Andrewes and Will Gardner. Live tracks recorded during our March 2017 residency at the Battersea Arts Centre:

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You captivated me with the story of a person I knew nothing about, and gave me a way into a culture I knew nothing about. Thank you.

Audience Member, October 2017 Scratch

Go go GO! I laughed (a lot), cried (a little) and was completely overwhelmed by this extraordinary display of young talent. A simply brilliant evening!

Audience Member, October 2017 Scratch